Hotel rules

Dear Guests,

The hotel management would appreciate your cooperation in following the hotel's rules, whose aim is to make your stay pleasant and safe.
§ 1
1. Room rates are per night.
2. If the guest did not specify his departure date, it is assumed that he will stay one night.
§ 2
1. An extension of stay should be announced by the guest at reception by 9 00 am on the last day of the stay.
2. Your request will be granted if accommodation is available.
§ 3
1. The hotel guest is not allowed to pass his room to others, even if the period of stay for which he has paid has not expired.
2. Visitors who are not booked in can stay in the room from 7 am till 10 pm.
3. The hotel has the right to refuse to accommodate guests, who during their last stay, seriously broke the hotel rules by devastating the hotel's or other guest's property, harming another guest, staff member or any other person staying in the hotel.
§ 4
1. The hotel offers service according to it's category and standard. If there are any objections to service quality, please do not hesitate to complain at reception. The complaint will be dealt with as soon as possible.
2. The hotel's duty is to provide:
a. a full and comfortable lodgings for its guests,
b. a full security during the stay, including keeping the guest's personal details confidential,
c. a professional and friendly service,
d. room cleaning and repair of any imperfect installations – should the need arise, when the guest is absent or in his presence, but only at his request,
e.should any faults arise that can not be resolved, the hotel will do it's best to relocate the guest to another room.
§ 5
1. Hotel does not allow smoking in rooms unless this is smoking room. Smoking in a non-smoking room will incur an additional fee of 100% of standard rate per one night. Hotel reserves the right to charge you in order to cover to ozonation costs.
§ 6
1. If requested by the guest, the following services are offered free of charge:
a. offering information about the stay and travel news,
b. wake-up calls at the appointed time,
c. storage of money and valuables in the safe deposit boxes
or in the hotel's safe during the guest's stay.
d. storage of luggage – with the exception of the following:
– storage of luggage outs ide of the period of the guest's stay,
– storage of articles which are not considered personal luggage.
§ 7
1. The hotel takes responsibility for the loss or damage of any articles with which the guest entered the premises, according to article 846-851 of Civil Law.
2. The guest is obliged to inform reception of any damage as soon as it has been noticed.
§ 8
1. The hotel's responsibility resulting from the loss or damage of money, securities, jewellery or any articles of scientific or artistic value is limited, if the afore mentioned articles had not been given to safe keeping.
§ 9
1. The hotel takes no responsibility for damage to or loss of a car or any other vehicle belonging to the guest.
§ 10
1. Guests are requested to refrain from making excessive & unnecessary noise from 10 pm to 7 am.
2. The guest's or any other visitor's actions, should not affect the comfort of other guests. Those who disobey the afore mentioned regulations flagrantly, may be refused further lodging.
§ 11
1. Every time when leaving the room, the guest should ensure that the door has been locked. The key should be left at reception.
2. The guest is responsible for all material damage resulting from his/her behavior or that of his/her accompanying visitors.
3. In accordance with the fire prevention regulations, the use of heaters, irons or any other electric appliances, which are not part of the standard room accommodation is forbidden.
§ 12
1. Any personal effects, that have been left behind by the guest in the hotel room, will be forwarded at a declared address. If no address has been given, the following articles will be stored at the hotel for three months.


We will take your laundry from Monday to Friday (except bank holidays). If required, please call reception. You will receive your laundry on the same day, if your order has been placed before 9 am. Please put the items to be washed on the list and put them together into the bag.


In case of fire alarm or any other danger, please leave the hotel following the fire evacuations signs. Please do not use elevators. They are immobilized on the ground floor in case of fire.


For cyclists we have our own bikes for hire.


Breakfast is served in the restaurant from 7 am till 10 am from Monday to Friday and from 8 am till 11 am on Saturday and Sunday. If you wish to have breakfast in your room, please ask for room service.


Our hotel restaurant offers polish and international cuisine. The restaurant opens at 5:00 pm and closes at 10:00 pm.


Let us know, if you wish to dine or drink in your room. Please place your orders at the restaurant.


A first-aid kit is available at reception.


Up-to-date newspapers are available at restaurant.


We accept the following credit cards: American Express, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa and Visa Electron, Diner’s Club..


All the rooms are cleaned every morning or on request. If you don't wish your room to be cleaned, please hang the "do not disturb" sign on your door.


For your comfort and security safe are available in your room. They can be used for storage of valuables or jewellery. You should press *1234# to open safe. Now you can put your code four numbers *code#. Before you check out close the safe using code *1234#. We do not take responsibility for damage or loss of your money, jewellery, securities or any articles of scientific or artistic value. Use of the hotel's safe is free of charge.

I wish you nice stay!
Hotel Manager
Hotel Willa Lubicz ***

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