Can I take my pet/dog with me?
No. Unfortunately the hotel does not allow pets. We kindly ask you to provide good care for your pets during your stay at the hotel.

Is there a hairdryer in the room?
Yes. The bathrooms are equipped with a standard hairdryer.

Is there shower or bathtub in the bathroom?
Every bathroom is equipped with shower. The exception is Captain’s Suite which is equipped with bathtub.

What time should I check out?
Check in time: 14:00 and check out time: 11:00.

Can I arrive before the hotel day begins or stay longer?
Yes, but it should always be settled with the reception. In case of night arrival, receptionist will add a half day fee to your bill. Similarly, in the case of the extension of the day; it is possible to stay in the room for a few more hours unless it is already booked.

What time is there a breakfast?
Breakfasts are served: Monday- Friday 7:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m.
Saturday- Sunday and Holidays 8:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.

Do I need to take all the necessary small child equipment with me?
No. The hotel can equip your room with: cot, baby bath and child seat for your baby.

Is parking extra charge?
No. The price for night includes parking.

Is parking guarded?
No. Parking is not guarded, but it is closed by the barrier.

Why do I have to complete the check in procedure?
The check-in procedure is required by law and for safety reasons. This responsibility concerns the adults. In case you need assistance, the receptionist may fill in the Registration Card for you, basing on your ID or passport.

Is the information of my stay confidential?
Yes. Information regarding your personal data and your stay are confidential and we never pass them to any third party.

Can I get extra pillows /blankets /allergy bedding into the room?
Yes. Please call the front desk. Service will immediately provide you with the ordered equipment.

Can I smoke in the hotel?
The hotel is non-smoking. For detailed information please refer to reception.

Could I eat breakfast earlier, before the official start?
Yes. Please notice the front desk about this the day before. If the trip takes place at night and breakfast service is not possible, we gladly provide you with a breakfast package for takeout.

How do I get back my belongings left at the hotel?
Personal belongings left in the hotel, may be sent back at his own expense, to the indicated address. In other case, hotel store these items for three months and then transfer them to  charity.

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